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New Construction in Golden Hills, Redondo Beach- 2 New Single Family Homes Coming Soon!

Walking my dog today in my neighborhood of Golden Hills in Redondo Beach, I spotted these 2 New Beautiful Homes sprouting up. I actually had a chance to speak with the Builder, Craig Casner and he told me these 2 Mediterrean Style homes should be on the market in approximately the next 60 days.  They are 2,000 sq ft and have 3 Bedrooms. For more information about these 2 new beautiful and finely constructed homes, please contact me directly at annamaria@southbayluxuryhomes. I absolutely love living in this area of Redondo Beach. These 2 new homes are in one the best areas in North Redondo Beach,CA being adjacent to both Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach.  Families living in this area can send their children to the Prestigious MCHS – Mira Costa High School, Manhattan Beach,CA.  Here is a quick glimpse of these 2 new homes on Goodman Ave in Redondo Beach,CA. I have lived in this area for the last 10 years and absolutely love it! For more information on Redondo Beach Real Estate and Southbay Luxury Real Estate, contact me – Anna Maria Kitras, 323-608-4881 or check out homes currently market at www.southbayluxuryhomes.com

3Bed, 2000 Sq Ft - Goodman Ave, Redondo Beach

For more info on Golden Hils,Redondo Beach New Real Estate contact Anna Maria Kitras, Realtor-323-608-4881, http://www.southbayluxuryhomes.com

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Buying a Home at the end of the year- Bargaining Tips for Home Buyers

Buying a Home at the End of the Year – BargainingTips for Home Buyers

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

Redondo Beach , Ca

As we come into the end the year, Home Buying becomes very interesting with probably the best deals of the year to be made in tremendous discounts. The last quarter of the year, especially close to Thanksgiving puts buyers in a great bargaining postion. At the end of the year, home inventory that did not sell over the summer will usually end up being the best bargains. I recently helped  a buyer purchase a home for $50,000 less than the listed price in a very exclusive Westwood area near UCLA.

Reasons for this unique strategic advantage for Home Buyer deals are the  following:

  • Sellers hate to move during the Holidays.
  • Sellers start becoming desperate if they have to sell, especially if their home did not sell during summer prime selling season.
  • Buyers with children usually want to complete their purchase by the end of summer for school reasons.

So if you have seen a home that has been sitting on the market for a while, don’t be afraid to go ahead  and offer a lower than listed asking price. If you like the house, get the negotiation process started. Rates are at all time 100 year Historic Lows.

In today’s market, there are great deals to made and great houses to bought at huge discounts!

For more information in buying your new home or  investment property in West Los Angeles(Culver City,Santa Monica,Westwood,Century City), South Bay (Redondo Beach, Gardena, Hermosa Beach, Torrance,Lawndale,San Pedro, Hawthorne, Manhattan Beach,Rolling Hills, Carson, Lomita, Harbor City, County Strip- Torrance) and Long Beach (Los Altos, Belmont Shores, Downtown Long Beach, Belmont Heights, Naples) contact annamaria@southbayluxuryhomes.com.

Anna Maria Kitras also specializes in distressed property sales, she is certified by the National Association of Realtors as a Short Sales and Foreclosure Resource (SFR) and a Certified HAFA (Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives) Specialist. For homeowners or home buyers seeking more information or assistance with a short sale, please email info@losangelesforeclosuresolutions.com.

Anna Maria Kitras works and lives in the Los Angeles, South Bay beach cites
area. Anna Maria Kitras also covers the surrounding  Los Angeles, South Bay
beach city communities.  Anna Maria Kitras is also a local Real Estate Expert on
the Westside area of Los Angeles,Venice ,Westwood,Century City, Venice,
Westchester, Palms, Mar Vista, West Los Angeles, Brentwood, Westwood, Culver City and Santa Monica.  Southbayluxuryhomes.com specializes in Manhattan Beach,Hermosa Beach,Redondo Beach, Santa Monica,Long Beach,Belmont Shores,Seal Beach and neighboring south bay cities. Here at southbayluxuryhomes.com, Weichert Realtors, we are members of the communities in which we specialize. We know and care about the lifestyle in all of the South Bay area cities, and we will bring you the benefit of our expertise in every real estate transaction.
Anna Maria Kitras specializes in working with all types of buyers and
sellers,especially in educating buyers and sellers in all aspects of their home
transaction. Anna Maria Kitras specializes in working with tech savy buyers,find
the home of their dreams at a great price.Anna Maria Kitras also is very in
diligent and experienced in helping homeowners in distress find solutions.

For Redondo Beach Real Estate,Long Beach Real Estate,Belmont Shores Real
Estate,Culver City Real Estate,Hermosa Beach Real Estate,Torrance Real
Estate,Rancho Palos Verde,Harbor City Real Estate, Walteria Real Estate,  South Shores Real Estate, San Pedro Real Estate, Westside (West Los Angeles ) Real Estate, Santa Monica Real Estate, or any other South Bay Real Estate, make Anna Maria Kitras with Weichert Realtors your first choice Realtor.

Serving the areas and surrounding communities of : Manhattan Beach,Hermosa Beach,Redondo Beach,Carson,Gardena, Long Beach,Lawndale,Hawthorne, Lomita,Marina Del Rey, Playa Vista,Torrance,Westchester,Culver City,San Pedro,Cerritos,Huntington Beach, Sunset Beach,Brentwood, Westwood, Santa Monica, Century City, West Los Angeles,Westwood, Brentwood, Beverly Hills,Huntington Beach,El Segundo,Palos Verdes, Rolling Hills, Baldwin Hills, Windsor Hills, Leimert Park and Los Angeles.

Email me today at annamariakitras@newlistingsinthesouthbay.com
or call (424) 226-8640



For Foreclosure Avoidance Options and Short Sale Assistance, go to http://www.losangelesforeclosuresolutions.com
or email info@losangelesforeclosuresolutions.com




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Home Buying Tips:Negotiating House Price on a home in Los Angeles

Home Buying Tips: Negotiating House Price on a home in Los Angeles

Making an of Offer on a House Without a Buyer’s Agent

Thinking about making an offer on a house without a real estate agent? Nervous about negotiating the best house price in this crazy economy? We don’t blame you. When it comes to buying a home, negotiation can mean the difference between a few thousand dollars and tens of thousands of dollars. It’s stressful and scary, especially if you’re doing it without an experienced real estate agent. Negotiating a home selling contract in this current real estate market is also financially tricky. This is where an experienced agent who has sold in times of real estate booms and past real estate slumps can save you more than the commission you pay them.

For those brave enough to consider making an offer without a buyer’s agent, here are a few tips on negotiating house price:

Negotiating House Price Tip #1: Arm Yourself with Information

The most important information is a Comparable Market Analysis (CMA), which is a neighborhood survey of the similar and recently sold homes in your neighborhood of choice. There are several places you can get partial information about sold houses online these days, but it is important to choose the right homes and get full information. This is another way a professional real estate agent can help you save money. Agents have access to the most up-to-date real estate data and are experts at figuring out which houses truly belong in a CMA. More importantly for today’s economy, a real estate agent can tell you how short sales and foreclosures in the neighborhood can affect negotiating an offer. House pricing is very tricky in this economy.

Once you have access to a detailed CMA, check out the houses as much as possible. A real estate agent might be able to get inside some of the houses that were just recently sold or have a current offer. You can check to see if the house you’re looking at is up to par or if it falls frighteningly below the homes listed in the CMA. This is a great way to tell if your house is near the proper price point or if there is leeway in negotiating an offer. House pricing is much more complicated these days than it used to be. Rather than comparing features like which houses have pools and which don’t, buyers are weighing short sales against foreclosures and traditional home sales.

Negotiating House Price Tip #2: Figure Out the Seller’s Motivation

Information is key in negotiating house price.  But, finding out how your dream house price compares to the market is only part of the process. The second is figuring out the seller’s motivation. It’s the fun part û play detective and look inside the home seller’s mind for a minute. Do they have to sell their house or do they want to sell? Motivation isn’t always revealed û the seller’s agent doesn’t necessarily have to give you this information. However, if you have a good real estate agent, he or she often can get the information from the seller’s agent.

ôHave toö reasons:

  • They are relocating for a job.
  • They just got laid off and can’t afford the mortgage.
  • The house is close to foreclosure and they don’t want to ruin their credit history.
  • They just had an addition to their family and truly don’t have enough space.

ôWant toö reasons:

  • They are testing the market to see if they could sell their house.
  • They want to buy a different house while housing prices are down.
  • They want to buy a new house while mortgage rates are low.

You can see what scenarios give you bargaining power. When the seller has to move, you have more bargaining power. Right now, most people aren’t selling to try and ôtest the market.ö They’re selling because they have to. Knowing the timing of a move or how long before the house may foreclose is very important when negotiating house price.

Negotiating House Price Tip #3: Don’t Waste Time

Buying a home can be super stressful. You don’t have time to waste with sellers who won’t budge and you shouldn’t waste the seller’s time with a low-ball offer.

How do you know if sellers are wasting your time? If they won’t discuss asking price in relation to similar homes in the neighborhood, they probably are not serious about selling the home. Sellers will do this when they’re unsure about moving or to figure out how much they can get for their property.

Just as they shouldn’t waste your time, don’t waste theirs. Don’t give them a low-ball offer just to see if they bite. It makes you seem like you’re not ready to buy or that you want to scam them. If you are truly interested in the house, this is not a good negotiating tactic.

Negotiation is an art, not an exact science. Experienced real estate agents have practiced different techniques and know what works when negotiating house price and what doesn’t. Once again, in today’s economy, negotiating house price can be much easier if you have an experienced agent on your side. Negotiating a home selling contract is a tricky proposition if done on your own.

For assistance in buying a new home, please email me directly at annamaria@southbayluxuryhomes.com or call me at (323) 608-4881.

Anna Maria Kitras, Broker Associate

Keller Williams Realty, VIP Properties